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Warriors Baseball
Warriors Baseball
Warriors Baseball

The Warriors Family would like to take a moment and honor two men who gave so much to the Warriors Organization in the early years.  Their dedication to coaching and serving is one of the reasons the Warriors are what they are today.  We celebrate the lives of these wonderful men and are thankful for their leadership and guidance in the lives of the young men we were blessed to mentor during those early years of our program. 


Mike Bird served as a head coach from 2004-2006 and led the Warriors to a 3rd place finish in the 2005 HWSA World Series.  His son was a 5- year starter for the Warriors.  Mike passed away on May 20 at the age of 75 after battling cancer.


Jeff Smyth served as an assistant coach and Board member during the years 2000-2005. His sons Peter, Andrew, and Matthew played in our program for many years with the oldest Peter beginning in 2000 and with the youngest, Matthew, graduating in 2015. Jeff passed away on May 23 at age 68, also from cancer.

Wake County Home School Baseball was started in 2000.  Since then,

our program has grown to field four teams, 2 high school and **2 middle school teams that compete with other home school, private and public school programs in the area.  WCHS has been successful competing against some of the top baseball programs in the area, as well as in equipping those players who have the ability and desire to compete at the college level after graduation. More importantly we have seen our players develop in character and maturity in Christ as they become equipped for the game of life. 

**(Middle School team fielded on year by year basis dependent on interest level.)

Warriors Baseball Homeschool Baseball
Homeschool Warriors

High School Varsity

-2023 State Champions

-Placed 3rd in Div 1 of HomeSchool World Series 2023, 2021

-Wilson Tobs Fall League Champions -2019

-National Division 1 Runner-up - 2016, 2013, 2012

-NCHEAC State Champs - 2022, 2021, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010

-Bobby Murray Invitational Champions - 2012

High School JV

-NCHEAC State Championship Runner-up- 2019

Middle School Varsity

-WCCB Central Division Champions - 2017      

-Wake County Club Champions - 2016

Warriors Baseball Homeschool Baseball


Wake County Home School Baseball was started in 2000. Since then, our program has grown to field four teams (2 high school and 2 middle school teams) that compete with other home school, private and public school programs in the area.

Warriors Baseball

JV Varsity

The Warriors Junior Varsity plays around a 20 game schedule against other programs in the area.

The Junior Varsity is an opportunity for younger players to develop their skills and gain experience in preparation for playing at the varsity level.

Warriors Baseball Homeschool Baseball

Middle School

The Warriors middle school program sponsors two middle school teams, a varsity (7th - 8th graders) and a junior varsity (6th-7th graders). Both teams will play in the Wake County Middle School Club Baseball League, which consists of public middle schools

Warriors Baseball Homeschool Baseball

Warriors Updates

Latest Warriors news including tryout information, schedules, announcements, and other information.

Our 2023 fall workouts are complete. Warriors Fall 2024 Workouts will be announced in August 2024. Please check back for updates.


Warriors Baseball

2023 State Champions

Warriors Homeschool Baseball
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Homeschool Warriors Baseball
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Warriors Baseball

Athletic Director, Denny Pena

Varsity Head Coach, David Bailey

JV Head Coach, Rob Richardson

Middle School Head Coach, Brad Clark

Warriors Baseball
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